I’m Meagan, a lifestyle, portrait, and wedding photographer

I pick up my camera to find the beauty in the simplest moments

Oh hey, you made it here! I am Meagan and I have a deep passion for creating memories with the people you love. Based here in the mountains of Colorado, my family of 5 and I set out for adventure everyday! Its been a magical ride growing every year! Be sure to hit the 'contact me' so we can discuss your dream session, and to see what availability is looking like. It is not uncommon to be fully booked out for 60+ days.


Fact 1

Ive been shooting on Nikon Cameras since I was 14. I actually learned on what I would call 1/2 film lol. I had this cute little camera that I would load the film into and take photos of the wildlife around me, then go to Walgreens to get it developed 😂


Fact 2

I was born in Brooklyn, NY. Most of my family lives there, North Carolina and Florida. SW Florida is where I grew up mainly. And I do travel to Sw Florida for photography purposes still! Don't hesitate to reach out if your curious what that would look like!


Fact 3

I am SO into hiking adventures and extreme shit. I have gone skydiving and absolutely loved it! Climbed 14ers, swam in some questionable waters in Florida just to win a bet! I'll almost always pick dare!


Fact 4

I am most grateful for my family. Family is everything to me. My husband and I have been together for 11 years strong! We have 3 beautiful children that are thriving and life is just good. You know? Of course it's also chaos and my kids are terrorists, but we'll keep that our secret ;)